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Hereditary Cases

Through our experience we have found that the heir is frequently in a very difficult position when – by a need to manage a special and sensitive personal matter, that of losing a loved one – faces, almost simultaneously, a maze of literally deadlines, debts, tax liabilities, assets and more difficult problems, such as: how


Public Law

Administrative Disputes The relationship between citizen and the Public Administration faces such disclosures through a maze of bureaucracy, time consuming and an expensive and rough regulatory framework. Lex Fortis is the capable legal supporter and your advisor whenever you need conciliator with the State and its services. Through our many years of experience in handling


Intellectual Property

The Rights resulting from the creation of human thought products include Copyright and Industrial Property. Lex Fortis, with its extensive experience, undertakes registration and protection works for both of Copyright (i.e. literary works, art, as well as software) and Industrial Property. Within these activities of ours, we handle matters having to do with: research, evaluation,



Residence Permits for investment purposes Greece, a European Union member, is and must always remain an attractive place for investments, despite the fact that several governments have worked – in an incomprehensible way – unfriendly in this inexhaustible source of wealth. In the effort for a friendly development environment to be established for both private


Capital Markets

The investment opportunities that arise in bold and fast in the capital markets, deceive cautious approach and knowledge because of their complex regulatory framework. Our experience acting as legal advisers to investment services firms, has given us the opportunity to keep in close touch with our customers and advise them in both negotiating and awarding



With full understanding about the difficulty, not only for the taxpayer but also for the tax authority to interpret and apply properly the – complex and often ambiguous – tax laws, Lex Fortis is able to provide complete protection in the respective issues for both individuals and entrepreneurs. This ability of our Company can be