the slight difference between Good and Excellent is our personal commitment  to overcome this difference

through hard work and positive thinking

Experiencing in an environment particularly challenging, difficult and often rapidly evolving in any form, individual, social, financial, cultural, Angelos Lamprou, Emmanuel Mouzakis, Alexandra Kaplaneri, Antonis Manolas founded   LEX FORTIS Law Firm, in order to provide:

  • scientifically complete
  • specialized
  • effective
  • reliable
  • innovative
  • affordable and
  • tailored to Your actual needs legal services

The structure of Lex Fortis gives us the possibility to transfer our professional experience and our specialized scientific knowledge to Your daily needs, without delay, in a simple and understandable language and manner.

We are working on the most vital areas of Law, those providing protection of our life and improving its quality in:

  • Finance and Corporate
  • Reorganization and Reconstruction of Enterpises
  • Capital Markets
  • Investments
  • Intellectual Property
  • Medical & Health Law
  • Family Affairs, Minors & Persons of Special Protection
  • Inheritance Cases
  • Criminal Law
  • Consumer Protection
  • Labor Law
  • Citizen’s relations to the Public Administration
  • Real Estate Development
  • Taxation and Tax Planning

The substantial knowledge of our object, through handling of significant and difficult cases, offers us the opportunity to provide the proper legal support to individuals and enterprises in a broad range of  their their every day activity in business, financial, private and social areas.

Lex Fortis means the Powerful Law
the one who is able
not only to protect an organized society
but also to improve its operating conditions