(In free translation: reading on behalf of disabled people, those who can not read)

“To listen with our eyes and read with our voices”

The voluntary non-profit organization “Diavazo gia tous Allous” (www.giatousallous.gr) sought Lex Fortis legal advice, mainly due to its lawyers expertise in the Intellectual Property sector.
Our Company, without a second thought, not only accepted, but provides – free of charge – legal services to the excellent initiative.
The action of ” Diavazo gia tous Allous” started with a single thought an aware volunteer, Argyro Spyridaki and expanded rapidly in many cities of our country.
” Diavazo gia tous Allous” concerns recorded and live readings of every kind of written texts, from medicine prescriptions and manuals of household appliances to literature books and university textbooks by volunteers to those with visual disabilities as well as elderly people, children, sick persons, prisoners, people who live alone or in institutions, hospitals, orphanages, prisons, and in general people who “can not hold a book or even a written text.”
Through ” Diavazo gia tous Allous” volunteering acquires not only its necessary practical dimension but also its deepest spiritual status.
This wonderful combination inspired Lex Fortis so that, with the scientific knowledge and experience of its human resources, to actively support the remarkable initiative, aiming at further expansion and strengthening.