In a world hot, flat and crowded (T.Friedman 2008) the climate change, the environmental pollution, the depletion of natural resources, the oversized world population, the loss of quality of life, require a green “transformation” (United Nations) a “green economy” through measures on climate change, reducing pollution, use of Renewable Energy. Briefly, Green Economy is a business sector that – with the participation of private capital – fosters innovation and research of new technologies, while operating on our needs for quality of life and the environment, within the limits between the freedom of the markets (viability) and the environment itself (sustainability).

The comparative advantage of our country is undeniable: a rich natural environment, incomparable geographical location and climate, significant energy sources (solar, wind).

Lex Fortis can not stay uninvolved in the aforementioned important challenges of our times.
Thus, participates in relevant activities, such as those organized by the Hellenic Institute for Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development (IEA) ( to strengthen business ideas with a green philosophy and aimed at finding cooperation possibilities among Citizen-State-Entrepreneur, within the Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainable development.