Cooperation is for Lex Fortis a core function, as it has been proven to enable us to equip our customers with the reliable service they need, based not only on our knowledge and experience, but on the collection and processing of information from the cognitive objects of our highly trained partners and associates.

Lex Fortis, installed in a modern and comfortable office space in the heart of downtown Athens, constantly surrounded by experienced and competent staff Attorneys At Law and specific scientific advisors in all areas of its practice areas – economists, business consultants, doctors, psychologists – to continuously improve the delivery of its legal services.

Angelos Lamprou

Lex Fortis-42
Attorney At Law, Member of the Athens Bar Association
Athens University Law School – Department of Law
Main areas of activity:
Law of Economics, Business & Corporate, Financial Law, Real Estate Law, Intellectual Property Law, State – Tax Law
Angelos for more than fifteen years, in parallel with the active practice of Law, was the legal counsel of many of the greater groups of commercial and investment services companies, as the director of their legal departments.
As part of the extensive activity, he has handled a large number of national and international agreements, legal due diligences, competition cases and unfair trade practices, restructuring, mergers and company transformation, bonds, investment funds, credit, estate transactions in Greece and abroad on behalf of great enterprises.
Languages: English, French, German


Emmanuel Mouzakis

Lex Fortis-36
Attorney At Law, Member of the Athens Bar Association
Athens University Law School – Department of Law
Main areas of activity:
Family Law and Inheritance Disputes, Criminal Law, Real Estate Law, Tax Law, Law of the Economy, Business & Corporate
Emmanuel combines thorough theoretical training with ongoing litigation activity since, both as a partner of large law firms in the beginning, and as a freelance Attorney At Law then, has handled a large number of cases of special requirements, in civil, administrative and criminal courts of all steps.
He has been working strongly with issues of civil and commercial contracts, real estate, business and corporate, family and inheritance cases, torts, criminal law and in particular economic crime and public law and public procurement issues.
He has outstanding experience in appeals and cancellation procedures.
Languages: English, French


Alexandra kaplaneri

Attorney At Law, Member of the Athens Bar Association
University of Hertfordshire UK LL.B
University of Wales, Cardiff University LL.M (Legal Aspects of Medical Practice, LAMP)
Main areas of activity:
Law of Economics, Business and Corporate, Financial Law, Medical Law-Law of Health, Labor Law, Real Estate Law, Law of Family Disputes
Alexandra is a graduate of the Law School of the University of Hertfordshire in England and the University of Cardiff, Wales, with postgraduate training in Medical Law.
As a litigation Attorney At Law she worked for several years with the largest law firms in Athens, where she developed intense activity and gained successful litigation experience in key areas of law and in particular the civil, commercial and labor ones.
At the same time,she worked in the field of advisory advocacy, as legal adviser to large investment groups, with handling financial and banking nature cases.
Significant training of Alexandra is Medical Law,experienced in relevant court cases, moreover field of her postgraduate work.
Languages: English, Italian


Antonis Manolas

Lex Fortis-24
Attorney At Law, Member of the Piraeus Bar Association
Law School, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Law School, University of Nancy, France
Postgraduate studies in the field of Commercial Law Faculty, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Fair Competition-Corporate-Intellectual Property)
Main areas of activity:
Criminal Law, Real Estate Law, Economy and Business, Intellectual Law, Labor Law, Public Law, Family and Inheritance disputes
Antonis is actively engaged in litigation law practice and in particular in the areas of Criminal, Civil and Commercial Law.
In the area of Criminal Law, he has undertaken important cases of particular legal interest, both in economic and common crime. His involvement with the civil law includes tort cases, hereditary factors, and abnormal development of contracts. His postgraduate work is specialized in the Law of Intellectual Property, Business and Competition. Dealing with enterpises he has obtained considerable experience in matters of Labour Law.
Languages: English, French


Of Counsel

Mania Tsoumita

Lex Fortis cooperation with Mania Tsoumita, Attorney At Law, Member of the Athens Bar Association ( has led to an efficient and flexible scheme.
Mania is a graduate of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Law School, the Karl-Franzens Uni. of Graz (Austria) and holds a postgraduate degree from Humboldt Uni (Berlin) in corporate governance. Specialist in matters of Intellectual Property, Trademark Law, Corporate, Real Estate, International Tax, investment cases and advisor of start up companies as well. Member of the Greek-German Chamber of Commerce and the German Bar Association in Greece (Deutscher Anwaltverein in Griechenland). She has worked in law offices both in Athens and Berlin.
Listed in the World Trademark Review and in the German Embassy’s list of the recommended German speaking lawyers in Greece as well.
Languages: German, English, Spanish
E mail:

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