In the recent years significant improvements have been succeeded, concerning the legal aspects, in the treatment of the person as a user of products and services ( the “consumer” as inappropriately has come to be called) throughout regulations, important legislation and groundbreaking judicial decisions, placing him as a personality who deserves respect and effective legal protection.

Our Company undertakes a wide range of cases concerning:

  • consumer contract law / General Terms of Trading / contracts from a distance
  • new forms of contracts in Consumer Protection Law
  • seller’s responsibility for lack of agreed properties on sale
  • mobile sales law
  • misleading and unfair advertising
  • unfair commercial practices
  • financial transactions and investor protection as consumers
  • consumer’ s criminal protection
  • minor consumer’s protection
  • protection of vulnerable social groups as consumers

The user of products and services
searches reliable and effective solutions
Lex Fortis
due to its significant experience in the business world
is able to provide them