Lex Fortis expertise in the complex – mainly due to the successive legislative changes – field of real estate is a stable driver for faster growth, well managed and profitable development.

In our history is recorded a long line of:

  • any form of real estate transfers
  • buying and selling commercial and residential real estate
  • ownership and encumbrance checks
  • land use controls
  • forestry legislation
  • licensing, environmental terms approvals
  • full investment planning (legal form, financial tools etc)
  • financial contracts
  • sale and leaseback agreements
  • mergers and divisions of companies with significant real estate assets
  • creating syndicated real estate holding forms
  • property insurance
  • management of all relevant tax issues


Touristic Real Estate

Despite the significant headwinds that a foreign investor may meet (poor infrastructure, massive bureaucracy, unstable tax regime, crisis seriously affecting the real estate area ) its desire to operate and invest in the country’s real estate sector, remains strong enough.
Areas ready to accept considerable investment in touristic real estate are innumerable and of excellent quality.

Lex Fortis
optimistic about the development of real estate in our country
standing next to serious investors
for proper legal treatment
in order not to lose the slightest chance