The investment opportunities that arise in bold and fast in the capital markets, deceive cautious approach and knowledge because of their complex regulatory framework.

Our experience acting as legal advisers to investment services firms, has given us the opportunity to keep in close touch with our customers and advise them in both negotiating and awarding their investment operations.

Lex Fortis aims not only to limit your investment risks with the faithful implementation of laws, decisions and rules governing investment services and functions, but also to support you to maximize the value of your investment projects.

Our involvement in the Capital Markets Law includes:

  • protection of investors in unfair commercial practices
  • loans affairs in foreign currency(as in the case of problem loan investors in Swiss franc)
  • bonds
  • mutual funds
  • protection of consumer of financial services
  • real estate investment companies
  • financing investments
  • overdepted investors and guarantors
  • contracts of loans and credits
  • contracts of banking products
  • factoring
  • current accounts
  • General Terms and Conditions
  • loans between group companies
  • shareholders loans
  • bank letters of credit
  • bank letters of guarantee
  • corporate finance
  • leasing contracts
  • debts settings from banking products

The balance between
your right to enjoy your economic prosperity
on one side
and the right to be protected from the relevant risks
from the other
is the requested obligation for us