Residence Permits for investment purposes

Greece, a European Union member, is and must always remain an attractive place for investments, despite the fact that several governments have worked – in an incomprehensible way – unfriendly in this inexhaustible source of wealth.

In the effort for a friendly development environment to be established for both private and strategic investments, Lex Fortis works in order to attract investment programs and projects, applying the appropriate legislative provisions.

We undertake the handling and processing of the whole process. We also diligent and submit the dossier to the relevant administrative offices for granting exceptional residence permit to executives strategic investment plans to foreign companies.

The legislative framework helps in this direction significantly since it governs, in a flexible and concise way, both the conditions of establishment of enterprises and the implementation of their investment projects, as well as the criteria for residence permits.

Lex Fortis also undertakes corresponding process to grant special residence permits to third countries (not EU members) citizens, as well as individual residence permit to members of their families, for real estate purchasing in Greece.

Granting special residence permits to third countries (non-EU member) citizens ensures free movement and residence of these citizens in all EU countries without any other procedure.

Applications for the granting of these licenses are being dealt with absolute priority.

Our country needs investments
in infrastructure, energy, communications, tourism, health,
education, culture,
in high-tech projects,