The Rights resulting from the creation of human thought products include Copyright and Industrial Property.
Lex Fortis, with its extensive experience, undertakes registration and protection works for both of Copyright (i.e. literary works, art, as well as software) and Industrial Property.
Within these activities of ours, we handle matters having to do with:

  • research, evaluation, registration and trademark protection at national, European (through the Office of Harmonization in the Internal Market, OHIM) and international level and the relevant judicial assistance
  • protection, use, transfer, claiming of patent and industrial designs
  • research and protection of domain names
  • protection of personal data
  • unfair competition
  • industrial, commercial and copyright secrecy issues
  • protection of software rights
  • protection of related rights
  • know-how transfer contracts

the more man realizes the value of the results of its creation
the more their legal protection becomes fair and effective