We face the delicate and complex legal issues concerning family, approaching them, because of their personal nature, with the seriousness they deserve, especially when minors and people who need specific legal protection are involved (i.e. elders and disabled people).

Family forms people into personalities.
For this reason, moreover, Article 21par.1 of the Greek Constitution stipulates that family is under the protection of the State.

Our legal expertise, combined with our practical involvement on the relevant matters, has given us the ability to handle successfully issues as:

  • custody and maintenance of underage children
  • adoptions
  • domestic violence
  • surrogacy
  • artificial insemination
  • domestic violence on children, the disabled and the elderly
  • artificial insemination
  • Identification of children
  • challenge paternity
  • legal support to all persons with severe mental or psychological or physical problems
  • family home setting
  • personal contact with the parent of the minor child
  • divorce and its consequences

Our close cooperation with distinguished team of physicians and psychologists has been proved valuable, because it has given us the ability to efficiently handle the relevant issues, since we acquire the special knowledge required in every special case.

the basis for the successful resolution of your problems
is to understand them
through careful listening to you