Through our experience we have found that the heir is frequently in a very difficult position when – by a need to manage a special and sensitive personal matter, that of losing a loved one – faces, almost simultaneously, a maze of literally deadlines, debts, tax liabilities, assets and more difficult problems, such as:
how much tax I will pay for the inheritance?
many wills have been found. Which one is true?
there is no will. Do I Inherit? what and how?
Do my minor children iherit? how?
Do I have to accept the inheritance or is it better to renounce? deadline?
I am an heir and I live abroad. What about taxation?
I inherit mortgaged property, bank deposits, amounts due to third parties. What dangers I face? what can I do;
Lex Fortis, through intense and continuous activity, both in advisory and in litigation level, has addressed all these issues of Inheritance Law and is able to ensure that your case will be handled in the most efficient manner, with appropriate tax deductions and exemptions, without time-consuming, costly and ineffective procedures.
And because prevention is by the actions always recommend to our customers, we are able to discuss with ways that will minimize the burden on your heirs, through parental benefits, donations and many other similar actions..