In conditions of absolute confidentiality and secure environment, Lex Fortis provides high quality services to the sensitive criminal matters, advising and representing you from the initial stages of investigation, criminal prosecution, interrogation, up to the trial.

Our long-lasting experience in difficult criminal matters, combined with a thorough study of the root causes of human crime, from legal, psychological as well as philosophical level, provides us the opportunity for a substantial support to you, that you are confronted with cases of crimes against life, property and personality.

We offer effective support when you need to come up against crimes:

  • Committed by press and media
  • against life (bodily injury, homicide)
  • against personality (libel, slander)
  • against property (fraud, embezzlement)
  • medical liability
  • threat of unlawful violence, extortion
  • domestic violence
  • personal data breach
  • cyber crimes
  • criminal liability under bank contracts
  • automobile
  • market regulations

A special category of our activity in Criminal Law is the economic crime.

We handle cases involving:

fraudulent financial object

  • money laundering
  • smuggling
  • usury
  • forgery
  • infidelity
  • misuse of public money
  • tax evasion
  • bribe


our strong and longstanding bonds have been established with you
on the basis of the unique relationship that results
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