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Lex Fortis has started cooperation with the Swiss business consulting company ABC ADVISORY & BUSINESS CONSULTING GROUP, executive member of the Swiss-Greek Chamber of Economics (Zurich), and the Switzerland – Qatar Economic Chamber.
ABC Group, based in Zurich, the world’s financial business center, actively assisted by the Swiss-Greek Chamber of Economics, is operating in Zurich for 20 years. The Group works with Greek businessmen and individuals who wish to develop within the reliability and security of the- internationally recognized – Swiss legal financial and fiscal system.
An example of the growth potential offered by Switzerland, through the use of exceptional tax and other business incentives is the canton of Zug, with a preferential tax regime, as well as the cantons Schwyz and Appenzell Innerrhoden.
Number of Greek enterprises have established their headquarters in these cantons (creating over a period of around one month, with an average cost) while continuing to operate in Greece, enjoying the substantial benefits provided by fiscal and business Swiss system.

Lex Fortis works in key economic sectors, such as:

  • legal, tax and financial advice
  • utilization of funds and assets to Switzerland and Liechtenstein
  • establishment of companies and monitoring their operation
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • foundation of trusts
  • communication with government agencies and institutions